A project about motion capture sensors



Bodynodes is a project about motion capture sensors.

The sensors can track the movement of your body. The data collected can be used in several ways. It could be “stored” and used to move a 3D model and thus make animations. Or the data could be used immediately in a VR game.

We thought Bodynodes to be flexible and easy to integrate. By following the specifications anyone can build his own Bodynodes sensors. And if well implemented they will be able to interact with any Bodynodes game. Even a smartphone can become a mock bodynode by using our Sensor app. 

Or by using our software libraries and modules you can use any Bodynodes sensor available out there.



Are you interested on developing you own Bodynodes games or sensors?

Just design your system by using the specifications we published on GitHub. Click below Read More to access the repository with all the sensors specifications.

Otherwise contact us if you are interested in doing Animations on Blender using our software module, or doing Games on Unity with our Bodynodes package.


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The Bodynodes Team

I am glad you decided to visit my site and learn more about me and all of the work I have done. My name is Manuel and I have been doing all of this for the past 5 years. I am a passionate developer about tecnology and innovation. My hope is to create an active community around. Bodynodes and the motion capture world. I am open to any sort of collaboration and develop any sort of application.


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